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Family Yoga & Meditation Donation Class

Yoga & Meditating in groups is powerful. Yoga & Meditation with your family members is beautiful!! Family Yoga is so AWESOME! In a world where parents and children are so busy, family yoga provides a wonderful place to spend healthy and happy, quality time together.No mobile phones, no iPads or TV. Just you and your family and friends. You might be surprised, but that does not happen often in the 21st century. Family is so important, and time and care are needed to nurture and make it work; yoga is perfect for this.

Children, parents, and grandparents get to enjoy practicing yoga together and strengthen their bonds while they support each other and have fun. The Importance of Play in their constant struggle to juggle all of their responsibilities with the numerous things they need to do to care for their children. Parents have become policeman and policewomen. Being so busy keeping the kids safe, telling them what to do and what not to do, many parents have become way too serious! (I am exaggerating but just a bit.) So this is my favorite thing about Family Yoga: it teaches parents how to play! The most common response we hear from parents after a few Family Yoga classes is that things are different at home now, and EVERYTHING is more playful and fun! Cash Donation Class $11-20 suggested.


Complete Practice with Nikki

Asana, pranayama and meditation, all rolled into one luscious hour.

First, clear out energetic blockages with some mindful movement, calm the nervous system, and shape your energy with guided breath work. Then relax into a guided meditation. Classes are based upon the tradition of Tantric Hatha Yoga and will leave you feeling empowered, centered and ready to shine your light into every part of your day. All levels welcome.

Every Saturday at 8:30AM

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Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Technology

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Technology, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is called the Yoga of Awareness. It is a dynamic, powerful technology that is designed to give you an experience of your soul. Through kriya (movement) and pranayam (breath), we prepare the body for deep meditation. These tools will help you direct your life force most effectively and consciously, so that you may experience your true human potential.

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Yin Yoga Class

Yin Yoga increases mobility and fluidity in our joints, melts away stress, and provides us an opportunity to connect with our thoughts, sensations and emotions. In yin, poses are held for several minutes to achieve a deeply profound access to the body. Yin helps us to sit longer and more comfortably in meditation by elongating connective tissues around the joints. Yin is complementary to a vinyasa (yang) practice, creating balance within our feminine and masculine energy systems.


Kundalini Movement, Breath-work &  Healing Gong Bath

Kundalini Movement, Breath-Work & Healing Gong Bath. Open Your heart and Strengthen your nervous system to consciously widen your window of tolerance for what life brings us. Cultivate the neutral mind and space that create happiness and peace in your being. Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Awareness. Tap into the infinite you and Clear old unconscious pattern through Pranayam(breath), Kriya(movement), Active Meditation, Mantra(sacred words of high vibration), Sound healing and energy vibration alignment. Be your own Guru.


Kundalini + Astrology

Kundalini yoga is a lineage based yoga consisting of a Kriya (physical practice), Mantra (sacred words), Pranyama (breath) and deep meditation. In this class we will use the sacred teachings given by Yogi Bhajan to find true consciousness and awareness. This class will change old thought patterns that no longer serve you. You will experience your truest self. This class will also inform you on the astrological shifts that are currently taking place . All levels are welcome, may you become your own greatest teacher, Sat Nam.


Teens & Tweens Unwind

Teen & Tweens Unwind is a Yoga class created for kids and young adults looking to unwind and undo the stresses of daily life. Focuses on personal concentration, physical exercise, strength, flexibility and relaxation. Cultivating Self-care at a young age creates healthy habits. Whether in the art or yoga studio, Shannon Buchanan is known for her authentic, non-judgmental teaching style whose classes are powerful and heartfelt.

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Aquarian Sadhana

Community Free Offering. In this time, it’s the openness to shift, to transform, to change your story that will carry you. “This openness. That is what matters. If one has walked into sadhana with heart and soul in a prayerful mind, we will all benefit. That is the power of the group sadhana. “ Yogi Bhajan.
We are here upholding the highest vibration for our planet earth.
We need a new collective story to carry us into these Aquarian Times. A story of conscious beings who care and cultivate response-ability through daily practice. Those that have the courage to face the pressure of the times every day, sleep well, and work it out in their sadhana. “When things get down and darkest that’s when we stand tallest,” together.Come chant, get clear, transform, transcend. Tuesday and Thursday Mornings in the Amrit Vela 4:30AM - 7:00 AM.

Qi Gong for Spring - Letting Go

Just as the leaves begin to turn colors and the trees pull their energy inwards to prepare for winter, so does the energy in your body. Your body mirrors the cycles and rhythms of nature. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fall correlates to the Metal element. Metal is associated with the taking in of the harvest. In Qi Gong for Fall, we will learn to let go of what no longer serves you, increase your capacity for appreciation, become more energetically efficient and build inspiration and courage. Join me in experiencing this beautiful ancient Chinese practice which helps to relax, energize and strengthen the body. Anyone at any age or fitness level can use these moving meditation techniques to not only improve physical fitness but to achieve a deeper sense of calm, and relieve tension and stress.

Live Kundalini Class with Jiwan Dev

Every Monday at 7:30AM PST, we stream from the studio a live kundalini class, and we welcome you to join in on the fun! Jiwan Dev leads fellow meditators and yogis all around the world for one hour of kundalini yoga, meditation, and sound healing. Were in a new paradigm that is dependent on the healing of the world as a whole. As we heal collectively, we raise the vibration of the planet. This class is by donation only.


Deep Sound Meditation
w/ Lynda Arnold

Lynda Arnold uses a variety of sacred sound instruments including Gong, Tibetan and Crystal Bowls, Voice, Shruti, Chimes, Drums, Strings, Flute, recorded soundscapes and more to create a restorative environment to let go of the outside world and journey within. Sound meditation allows the participants to fully relax, reducing the body's stress response and allowing the natural healing processes to kick into gear. Sound meditation is a powerful way to experience self care and enter into a space of supreme peace and calm. After a short introduction with light breath work and toning, we will be diving deep into the sound journey experience. 1st Thursdays of Every Month.

Breathwork for Adults and Teens

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These classes happen every other week at Go Inward.  Adults and Teens led separately by the fabulous Uhkärē of Breathwork Healing with Intention. Breathwork is a healing technique meant to help you meditate and relax. It gives you the opportunity to calm your nervous system and resets it.
When people practice control of their breath, the brain induces a state of calm and focus. Breathing is an unusual bodily function in that it is both involuntary and voluntary. Research suggests that the practice has multiple benefits––one is increasing the sense of well being while reducing anxiety and even improving sleep. Other major functions—take digestion and blood flow, for example—occur without conscious influence, and for the most part we couldn’t influence them if we tried.
They are involuntarily managed in the vast processing system of the unconscious mind.
Although breathing is primarily managed within the unconscious, we can grab the controls and consciously change how we breathe at any moment. For example, we can produce breaths that are shallow or deep, fast or slow, or even stop breathing altogether.
And, like most practices, there are many benefits to Breathwork. It has been proven that the breath: manages stress, manages anxiety, lowers blood pressure and heart rate, sparks brain growth, provides a deep relaxation, and helps create an outlet to express emotion, all the while remaining an active meditation technique. It is a great way to remain balanced and centered, and have fun in the process! Privates also available.

Morning Meditation Hour

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Start your day with meditation by way of kundalini yoga! A powerful meditation will be taught to help set up the rest of your day for success (and week too!). You’ll also be treated to a deep relaxing sound bath to calm the mind, body, and spirit.

Tuesdays 7:30AM with Jiwan Dev.

Active and Guided Meditation

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What is Active and Guided Meditation?

If you mind is running fast with the hustle of life you might be turned off by practicing a traditional sitting and breathing meditation? There are many roads to Rome! Sitting still is not the only way of meditating. There are other ways to get into the zone, relax your body and rest your mind. One method is by practicing an active meditation.

You may have experienced active meditation already when practicing yoga, dancing, or lost in a creative reverie when knitting or painting. Active meditation occurs when the body is occupied with an action, usually repetitive, and the mind is focussed on completing that action. All other thoughts disappear and you feel as if you are ‘lost in time’.
The Benefits of Active Meditation

An active meditation helps you reconnect mind, body and spirit. If you’ve been feeling spaced out, scattered, not in the present, unable to focus, or experiencing jumbled thoughts, a regular active meditation practice can calm and ground you. Some active meditations are designed for rest and relaxation; others can take your consciousness to another level.

This will be a class of highly skilled & trained practitioners focusing on what they do best. Some will be guided visuals clearing the chakras and balancing the elements, some will be using pranayama, specific breathwork techniques, mantras and mudras to assist you in finding the peace and harmony within.

Saturdays 9:30AM