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Saturday & Sunday Morning Meditation 

Join Adrian Hovard Saturdays 10:30-11:30 AM and Franz Manfredi Sundays 9:00 -10:00 AM as they guides you through a simple and effective meditation techniques. The Buddha said, "This is the direct path, for the purification of beings... for the transcendence of suffering, for the attainment of Nirvana. Here, one sits down, keeps one's body erect, and arouses mindfulness in the object of meditation; this precious breath.” Class will include guided and silent meditation, discussion of various techniques, and cultivation of Lovingkindness. People are amazed to find out that they have a capacity for loving kindness, both for themselves and for others. Due to our past conditioning, many of us do not trust our capacity to love. Each week, we will focus on connecting you back to the love, joy, peace, power, and abundance within your spirit. Learning how to meditate is the key to navigating life at your optimum level. Are you ready to unlock the door to the truth of who you really are? All levels of meditation experience welcome!

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Warrior Strength & Grace with Ramona

This class invokes one to begin to think of how we can develop the ability to hold both of these qualities simultaneously so that we can come from a place of both strength and wisdom. To tap into the mystic requires reflection – something in short supply in our world today. Meditation is becoming more popular among leaders today. The grit of a warrior seems to come from discipline and commitment to a practice. Throughout history warriors have practiced and been completely connected to the ground and their bodies. Will we take time in this busy emotionally trying world of today to do each – take time to reflect, Go Inward and be consistently more grounded and in the flow of Grace. This Flow Vinyasa class builds physical and mental strength while you move gracefully through the flow.....all levels yoga- Suitable for new students/beginners through advanced practitioners.

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Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Technology

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Technology, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is called the Yoga of Awareness. It is a dynamic, powerful technology that is designed to give you an experience of your soul. Through kriya (movement) and pranayam (breath), we prepare the body for deep meditation. These tools will help you direct your life force most effectively and consciously, so that you may experience your true human potential.

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Yin Yoga Class

Yin Yoga increases mobility and fluidity in our joints, melts away stress, and provides us an opportunity to connect with our thoughts, sensations and emotions. In yin, poses are held for several minutes to achieve a deeply profound access to the body. Yin helps us to sit longer and more comfortably in meditation by elongating connective tissues around the joints. Yin is complementary to a vinyasa (yang) practice, creating balance within our feminine and masculine energy systems.


Kundalini Movement, Breath-work &  Healing Gong Bath

Kundalini Movement, Breath-Work & Healing Gong Bath. Open Your heart and Strengthen your nervous system to consciously widen your window of tolerance for what life brings us. Cultivate the neutral mind and space that create happiness and peace in your being. Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Awareness. Tap into the infinite you and Clear old unconscious pattern through Pranayam(breath), Kriya(movement), Active Meditation, Mantra(sacred words of high vibration), Sound healing and energy vibration alignment. Be your own Guru.

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Mutual Awakening Practice Experience

The Mutual Awakening Practice Course is an opportunity to experience the future of human relationships. While technology has connected us in a certain way, it has led us to more separation and individuation even in all of its transparency.  In this practice, you will experience how we can slide under the barbwire of separation and tap into the human “innernet” where connection, unity, and your true uniqueness is illuminated in a shared space in and for one another.  Loneliness will become a relic of the past, replaced with a collective love as WE change the face of the planet.  4 Week Course.


Teens & Tweens Unwind

Teen & Tweens Unwind is a Yoga class created for kids and young adults looking to unwind and undo the stresses of daily life. Focuses on personal concentration, physical exercise, strength, flexibility and relaxation. Cultivating Self-care at a young age creates healthy habits. Whether in the art or yoga studio, Shannon Buchanan is known for her authentic, non-judgmental teaching style whose classes are powerful and heartfelt.


Aquarian Sadhana

Community Free Offering. In this time, it’s the openness to shift, to transform, to change your story that will carry you. “This openness. That is what matters. If one has walked into sadhana with heart and soul in a prayerful mind, we will all benefit. That is the power of the group sadhana. “ Yogi Bhajan.
We are here upholding the highest vibration for our planet earth.
We need a new collective story to carry us into these Aquarian Times. A story of conscious beings who care and cultivate response-ability through daily practice. Those that have the courage to face the pressure of the times every day, sleep well, and work it out in their sadhana. “When things get down and darkest that’s when we stand tallest,” together.Come chant, get clear, transform, transcend. Thurs Mornings in the Amrit Vela 4:30-7:00 AM.

Qi Gong for Fall Letting Go

Just as the leaves begin to turn colors and the trees pull their energy inwards to prepare for winter, so does the energy in your body. Your body mirrors the cycles and rhythms of nature. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fall correlates to the Metal element. Metal is associated with the taking in of the harvest. In Qi Gong for Fall, we will learn to let go of what no longer serves you, increase your capacity for appreciation, become more energetically efficient and build inspiration and courage. Join me in experiencing this beautiful ancient Chinese practice which helps to relax, energize and strengthen the body. Anyone at any age or fitness level can use these moving meditation techniques to not only improve physical fitness but to achieve a deeper sense of calm, and relieve tension and stress.

Soul Sunday

“There are seven steps to happiness: you commit, you get character, and from that you gain dignity; when you have self dignity, you are radiant; you will become rich with opportunities; and after that you go another step. From that dignity, you get divinity.” Yogi Bhajan

Soul Sunday is an inspirational, uplifting experience for brave, curious, and compassionate souls. We are diverse in faith, ethnicity, history and spirituality, but aligned in our desire to tune the instrument of the body, mind and spirit. This class opens your heart and strengthens your nervous system creating a wider window of tolerance for experiencing life's journey with strength and grace. Rotating practitioners who are experts in their field that will make every class a unique experience.

Specialty Yoga & Meditation Workshops

Reiki Share with Lauren Adamczyk

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Have you been attuned to Reiki or a form of Energy healing and want to practice sharing this beautiful energy with others? Are you curious to experience Reiki and learn more about what's really happening during a session?
Join Reiki Master Teacher, Lauren Adamczyk,
for an intimate, healing afternoon where you can practice channeling the Reiki energy and receive personalized attention and instruction. Reiki Shares can support you in building your confidence in your Reiki practice.

Our day begins with a group guided meditation to set your intention for your healing. Next, each participant has the opportunity to receive Reiki. When you are sharing the Reiki Energy (or healing light and love if you haven't been attuned to Reiki!) you practice allowing your intuition to guide you in supporting the person laying on the massage table.

This event is open to Reiki Practitioners and anyone else who is curious about experiencing Reiki or energy healing.
Come with a curious mind and an open heart and there is no limit to the healing that can occur! Class happens Once a month.

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Deep Sound Meditation
w/ Lynda Arnold

Lynda Arnold uses a variety of sacred sound instruments including Gong, Tibetan and Crystal Bowls, Voice, Shruti, Chimes, Drums, Strings, Flute, recorded soundscapes and more to create a restorative environment to let go of the outside world and journey within. Sound meditation allows the participants to fully relax, reducing the body's stress response and allowing the natural healing processes to kick into gear. Sound meditation is a powerful way to experience self care and enter into a space of supreme peace and calm. After a short introduction with light breath work and toning, we will be diving deep into the sound journey experience. 4th Thursdays of the Month.

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Healing Sound &
Chakra Acupuncture

This session includes an intention setting meditation, mind-calming, Qi-regulating, acupuncture and sound vibrations from a variety of sacred sound instruments.

Lie down comfortably, with yoga mat and pillows on the floor. Very fine acupuncture needles are then gently placed and retained in the Chakra centers to influence the circulation of Qi and blood through the energetic meridians of the body and calm the nervous system.
The result is a feeling of invigoration and a state of utter bliss and well being. Self Investment $40 RSVP

Breathwork for Adults and Teens

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These classes happen every other week at Go Inward.  Adults and Teens led separately by the fabulous Uhkärē of Breathwork Healing with Intention. Breathwork is a healing technique meant to help you meditate and relax. It gives you the opportunity to calm your nervous system and resets it.
When people practice control of their breath, the brain induces a state of calm and focus. Breathing is an unusual bodily function in that it is both involuntary and voluntary. Research suggests that the practice has multiple benefits––one is increasing the sense of well being while reducing anxiety and even improving sleep. Other major functions—take digestion and blood flow, for example—occur without conscious influence, and for the most part we couldn’t influence them if we tried.
They are involuntarily managed in the vast processing system of the unconscious mind.
Although breathing is primarily managed within the unconscious, we can grab the controls and consciously change how we breathe at any moment. For example, we can produce breaths that are shallow or deep, fast or slow, or even stop breathing altogether.
And, like most practices, there are many benefits to Breathwork. It has been proven that the breath: manages stress, manages anxiety, lowers blood pressure and heart rate, sparks brain growth, provides a deep relaxation, and helps create an outlet to express emotion, all the while remaining an active meditation technique. It is a great way to remain balanced and centered, and have fun in the process! Privates also available.

Mutual Awakening Practice Course

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The Mutual Awakening Practice Course is an opportunity to experience the future of human relationships. While technology has connected us in a certain way, it has led us to more separation and individuation even in all of its transparency.  In this practice, you will experience how we can slide under the barbwire of separation and tap into the human “innernet” where connection, unity, and your true uniqueness is illuminated in a shared space in and for one another.  Loneliness will become a relic of the past, replaced with a collective love as WE change the face of the planet.  4 Week Course. Limited Space.