Kelsea Mazzocco

Owner + Founder of GO INWARD
Kundalini Meditation and Yoga Teacher
Transpersonal Body/Mind/Energy Practitioner + Holographic Sound Healer


Raised in the Long Beach community and known for her 22 years in a thriving real estate business, Kelsea has always had a passionate calling for the healing arts.

Kelsea has been practicing various forms of Yoga, meditation, and energy work for the last 27 years. Being a business woman, a mother, a wife, an artist, and a healer, her training and commitment to a disciplined practice of her own has given her the ability to have a wider window of tolerance for her own life's interactions & challenges. Kelsea's mission is to help others tap into their own infinite self so they may be better teachers, professionals, parents, and community leaders. She strives to encourage others to take ownership over how their vibration affects their well-being and the lives of everyone they touch.

Opening GO INWARD was not planned. It was a divine calling for the times we are living in. The work we are doing here is designed to open your heart, strengthen your nervous system, and let your infinite driver be the master over your mind. We uplift & support you in a Happy, Healthy and Holistic lifestyle.

Rachel Cruz

Director of Possibilities


Rachel grew up in a household that was steeped in religion and care giving. Nurturing people is a constant theme in her life, as many in her immediate family are nurses, she always innately felt compelled to take care of others.  

Rachel followed a similar path into healthcare and works for a mission based health care organization, where she works with Senior Leadership to promote the vision of the organization.

In 2014, Rachel was seeking more of an immediate connection with her community and a desire to heal.  So she and Kelsea Mazzacco, founder of GO INWARD, started a group called the Illuminators.  The Illuminators is a community based group of people committed to a life of Illumination and Awareness. The Illuminators exposed Rachel to different spiritual modalities which broaden her interest and love of Energy Healing, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Acupuncture and Intuitive Coaching.

Rachel is thrilled to support the GO INWARD team with brand awareness and promotion.

Many of these practitioners at GO INWARD have supported her in her journey to stand in her truth, release old patterns and lead an authentic, fulfilling life with her husband and daughter. 

Ramona Magnolia

Yoga Teacher


My first encounter with yoga was during the pregnancy of my daughter, Sadie Faye, in 1995. I found a book about natural childbirth and began practicing from pictures of long haired hippie mommas demonstrating postures. After a successful natural birth I forgot about yoga as I began the job of motherhood. Then in 1999 after separating from her father I found my way back to yoga under the mindful, creative, and eclectic instruction of Gabriel Hall. He was my first teacher and the person who suggested I become one. This suggestion was not easily taken. I was a shy introverted artist who preferred long hours in an art studio listening to music from my walkman immersed in my own creative world. I could not imagine standing in front of a group of people telling them what to do. At the time I was also working in the field of Behavior Therapy with Autistic children. I believe yoga is helpful for anyone struggling. It has helped me overcome many obstacles both physically and emotionally and I always recommend it to anyone facing challenges. I suggested yoga for a child I worked with who had a weak core, short attention, poor balance and spacial awareness. Her team agreed that yoga might help and I was given the job of shadowing her during kid’s yoga classes. It was during this time that I was asked to sub once when the teacher had an emergency. I did. The kid’s loved it and so did I. After this I began to see a door opening. An opportunity to help others through a practice that helped me so much.

In 2004 I studied with Maty Ezraty and Chuck Miller at Yoga Works completing their 200 hour teacher training. The training taught me how to teach a safe class with a focus on correct alignment and sequencing and I began teaching around the same time. In 2008 I took Saul David Raye’s 200 hour teacher training which taught me to teach from the heart. I am forever grateful for the trainings. Both gave me so much.

My classes are full of my artistic spirit. I sequence creative flows with music to match. I feel like teaching is my art form now. When I walk around the room while teaching I am inspired by the way each student expresses their practice. My hope is that they feel something beautiful, creative, graceful and strong within them that will help them through whatever obstacles they need to overcome.

Ramona Magnolia

Madison Weber

ThetaHealer®, Innerwise® + Emotion Code & Body Code Certified Practitioner

MW Go Inward Bio Pic.jpg

Madison Weber is an intuitive energy healer who is certified in The Emotion Code, The Body Code, and Innerwise®. She is also a ThetaHealer® on the path to receive a Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing®.

Her work is spiritual and deeply personal. She first found energetic healing in 2013 through a divinely-timed encounter with a healer who noticed her pain related to an old sports injury. After her first treatment, she experienced permanent relief and knew her life was on a new, healing path.

Prior to that healing experience, Madison graduated from college in New York with a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Merchandising and began a corporate career. After experiencing energetic healing, Madison left to pursue her true calling in the healing arts.

Madison’s happiness comes from watching transformations in her clients as they clear away, emotional and physical pain, illness, depression, anxiety, fear, trauma, etc. Through healing sessions, her clients are able to create positive life manifestations and create deeper connections to themselves, their life purpose, and the Divine.

Madison’s greatest accomplishment is the ability to quickly gain the trust of clients. This comes through creating a safe, compassionate, loving space to explore and work through anything. Her listening skills and intuitive perspective on the body’s energy systems facilitates productive healing.

In her personal life Madison counts herself as a beach lover who lives for sunsets and full moon rises. She was a collegiate level water polo athlete and still loves to play in water, especially the ocean. One day she hopes to be transformed into a mermaid who blissfully swims the seven seas. If you are interested in working with Madison, please contact her directly at 562-881-8598 or

Cori Cauble

Intuitive Business & Life Pattern Healer

CORI CAUBLE 177.jpeg

Cori is a Spiritual Guide and Intuitive Pattern Healer. Cori's desire to know her divine authentic self, plus her full life's experiences lead her on a journey to heal by exploring a multitude of philosphies and spiritual teachings. She has a unique intuitive hearing for unconscious patterns and your higher elevated self, allowing for powerful authentic change.

Through conversation Cori powerfully and quickly guides you in identifying the unconscious patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you, clearing a pathway for direct access to your higher self and true purpose. If you know how past manifested in your present life, then your awareness can be a bridge to authentic change. When you are no longer in the dark and consciously taking an elevated path, your true highest purpose can emerge. 

Cori believes and is committed to your highest you. She is a compassionate guiding light with a strong foundation for you on your journey. Allow her to shine her light and be your mirror.

Happiness is waiting for you.

Cori Cauble

Shea Hardiman

Kundalini Yoga Instructor + Evolutionary Astrologer


SHEA HARDIMAN, Shea has always been passionate about helping people heal. In her class you will learn how to gain more control over your mind which will then lead to you gaining more control over your life. Simply put, she wants to help you reconnect with yourself. Kundalini Yoga transformed her life and her greatest wish is that it may do the same for you. She has been a yoga practitioner for 10 years and a teacher for 5, it is her greatest passion in life to provide you with a practice that brings a sense of peace in a time where we all need it. Shea also is a teacher of evolutionary astrology, harnessing the power of the stars for wisdom and guidance. Using the teachings of Yogi Bhajan along side the current planetary alignment Shea will connect you back to your highest self.

Jiwan Dev Kaur

Kundalini Yoga Teacher + Reiki Healer

ramona bio 2.jpg

Blessed with the gift of navigating through the complex with grace, compassion, and playfulness, Jiwan Dev was told by many spiritual leaders since childhood that she will one day become a healer. She found kundalini yoga in 2003 at Golden Bridge in Hollywood, and finally stepped into her calling and completed the KRI 200-hour teacher training at Golden Bridge Yoga in New York under the guidance of Gurmukh and Gurushabd in 2016. She is also a certified reiki healer. Jiwan Dev aspires to empower her students to find their inner guru with a strong belief that everyone is capable of living a life of purpose, and brings healing through kundalini yoga, meditation, and energy healing.


Kundalini Yoga Teacher


Sopurkh (Chrissy Cox) has been teaching for as long as she has been here on planet earth. She is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, sharing the authentic teachings of Yogi Bhajan for over 12 years. Rich in yogic philosophy,  powerful kriyas, and deep meditative experiences, her classes are opportunities for self-empowerment and growth. Sopurkh enjoys the  benefits of Kundalini in every aspect of her life, and is dedicated to helping others reach their true potential.


Taylor Eyewalker

Kundalini and Tantric Yoga Teacher

unnamed (4).jpg

Taylor is a superfood imbibing, kundalini and tantric yoga teacher, counselor & coach and organic perfumer. Between blissful bouts of healing and leading, you can find the urban yogini traveling to connect with different communities and cultures, writing, creating art projects and serving tea. Guided by the clear intention of feeling more vibrancy, joy and clarity in her every moment, Taylor’s ever unfolding 8 limbed path has led her to the very forefront of the wellness movement, guiding others toward self mastery by way of this inspiring new health paradigm.

Taylor offers her yoga students the opportunity to work deep and strong on a physical level, while combining an integrated spiritual and psychological component within the technology of Kundalini Yoga and Tantra. Her teachings focus on energy-altering and enhancing postures, alignment, mantra, visualization, consciousness expansion and mastering and moving prana. She shares Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, with deep reverence as a teacher and deeply dedicated practitioner since 2001 to the yogic path. She is a 500+hr certified Yoga Instructor with Yoga Alliance and a 300+hr certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher with KRI. She is drawn to yoga for its powerful ability to heal the body, clear the karma and expand ourselves greater so our higher selves can ever and always be more present and masterful over our reality.

Taylor’s offerings extend from the outer most subtle layer of our sensory system to the inner most cultivation of the soul’s purpose. You have the ability to work with her in one on one counseling & coaching sessions, kundalini yoga or group trainings in order to develop your strategy for mastery and self embodiment. You can join her on one of her many retreats around the world and you can have a full sensory experience with her aromatic botanical perfumery line or custom creations. Any means by which you choose to connect with Taylor, her intention always leads back to living within the fullest expression of the self, embodiment and grounding in your souls purpose.

Steve Fawley

CranioSacral Bodyworker

FullSizeRender 435454.jpg


My journey into healing arts began in 1997 as my mind, heart & soul was captured by the study of Shiatsu, Acupressure & Sports Therapy under the teachings and guidance of my sense, Glenn Furakawa,  at Tsuko School of Eastern Therapy. After receiving my 500 hr CMT certificate at Tsuko I focused my studies of Polarity Therapy, Reiki & Acupressure at Twin Lakes College in Santa Cruz completing the Polarity program. From Santa Cruz I made my way to Esalen Institute in Big Sur studying Esalen Massage to round out my 700 hours of study.

With 20 years experience as a Professional Massage Therapist and Artist, my passion for the healing arts has been rekindled with the study of CranioSacral Therapy at ISBP - Life Energy Institute in Culver City where I have received my 250 hr CranioSacral Therapy Certificate.

In my mind CranioSacral Therapy is one of the most elegant and brilliant forms of body work because it recognizes the ability of the body to heal itself. It is a true honor for me to do CranioSacral as my goal is to meet you where you are in your healing process.

Denise Marie Estrada

Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc.)


Denise is a devoted holistic practitioner, incorporating sound healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and the principles of yoga in her treatment courses.

After graduating from Emperor's College in 2012, she sought to build her private practice, Healingsound Acupuncture and Holistic Medicine, in Long Beach, CA. She saw a need for affordable holistic health support and began to participate in community events, enabling the public to sample traditional healing methods and promoting awareness of traditional medicine. Self-healing education and empowerment is the motivation behind her practice today, as she invites questions and provides explanations during healing sessions.

Denise specializes in stress relief, digestive care, and women's health. She also incorporates sound therapy and aromatherapy during the sessions.
For more information, visit:

Kristen Marie Flores

Holistic Brand + Business Coach


Kristen Marie Flores is the Creative Director of Bon Muse Media and Founder of Muse Bath Apothecary.

Kristen Marie Flores was born and raised in Long Beach, California. Growing up as a dancer, she was always inspired by the natural world and fell in love with the science and art of a yogic lifestyle. She began her journey into the world of holistic living at the age of 16 and with her passion for the creative & healing arts she studied Botanical Sciences and Visual Communications at Portland State University in Oregon. Along her yogic journey she completed her Hatha Yoga 200 YTT and completed the EDGE PAC Performing Arts School Immersion Dance Program in Los Angeles, CA. 

Returning to Los Angeles, she then began her freelance career as a creative director for social media and digital marketing portfolios. The social media "boom" unveiled a wealth of knowledge from her visual communication background and created many opportunities for brand activation, social media strategy and digital marketing campaigns. After directing and managing brands for several years, she decided to create a home for her clients at Bon Muse Media, a Holistic Media Agency to serve as a ‘doula for brands’. She assists in birthing brands from concept to launch providing content, design, web, social media management and strategy. She works with brands, companies and individuals providing services for business and brand consultations.  

As a passion project manifested from her botanical and media background, she also created MUSE BATH Apothecary. Her intentional apothecary line is rooted in her background in herbalism and her passion for wellbeing. She sources all of her ingredients consciously and designs healing beauty rituals for self-care and self-love. She now expresses her creativity through the visual arts, healing soul movement through dance and yoga, and handcrafted botanical rituals. She produces a visual brand experience that extends outside of her products and muses the soul. 

Nikki Niestemski

Tantra + Hatha Yoga teacher, Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra, Yoga Nidra, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Chakra Balancing, Energy Management + Reiki


Nikki Niestemski, For as long as she can remember Nikki has been fueled by her passions. From having successful careers in dance, makeup artistry and leading an array of group fitness classes, she has always been driven to fearlessly go after her dreams no matter how wild and unconventional they might be. That’s how she ended up in Bali. A solo birthday trip in 2017 turned into her moving halfway across the world to dive into her next adventure. While living on The Island of the Gods, Nikki completed 500 RYT hours at The Practice in Canggu, under the guidance of her legendary teachers Octavio Salvado and Karina Guthrie, both highly respected practitioners under Yogarupa Rod Stryker and the Sri Vidya lineage. While studying and surfing Nikki also had the privilege to teach Tantric Hatha Yoga at this magical shala, life was a dream. And yet a bigger force pulled her away from this paradise so that she could return to a different dream in Cali and share this knowledge with her hometown. She strives to make these ancient teachings simple and digestible for all levels so that everyone can learn how to live a more empowered and happier life! Nikki uses her positive healing energy to invoke change in others and inspire them to radically love themselves and shine their light into every part of their lives. Experience her vibes for yourself, her practices weave together Tantra, Hatha Yoga, Pranayama (breathwork), Meditation, Mantra, Yoga Nidra, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Chakra balancing, Energy Management and Reiki.

Lynda Arnold

Sound Healer


Lynda Arnold is a certified Sound Healer, Vocalist & Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer and seasoned Performer on a life long mission to build healthy communities through the power of sound and music. She offers sound healing workshops, private sound baths and singing for wellness sessions in Los Angeles and has appeared at Shakti Fest, Bhakti Fest, LA Yoga Expo, Lightning in a Bottle Festival, Burning Man and Lucidity Festival. Her intention is to provide a gateway for people to reduce stress, transform consciousness and heal through sound and meditation. She received a Certificate in ‘Sound, Voice and Music Healing’ at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco in 2010, has multiple music degrees and over 20 years of music education and performing experience.

Shannon Buchanan

Yoga Teacher


Meet Shannon Buchanan, owner operator of Art Farm Studios and Factory, serving Long Beach and surrounding communities.

Whether in the artist or yoga studio, Shannon is known for her authentic, non-judgmental teaching style whose classes are powerful and heartfelt. Her belief that yoga is for EVERY BODY has inspired her to create classes tailored for men, curvy bodies, beginners, and teens. She is dedicated to inspiring clients to tap into their own strengths and find their playfulness and sense of wellbeing.

“By nurturing mind, body and soul we learn how to relax, handle life’s pressures better and restore energy…just be fearless and breathe.”

Shannon earned her Master of Fine Arts degree from Cal State Fullerton and is a certified instructor in Dayton/Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga.

Helle Dupont

Yoga Teacher


A Danish native, I moved to sunny SoCal after finishing my MBA and have never looked back.  Inspired by the health minded life style I have found here, I embrace life to the fullest enjoying every day with my children, and my dogs, driving them crazy with my green smoothies, yoga and mala beads.  While a corporate executive by day, my true passion is guiding others through vinyasa yoga interlacing physical movement and spiritual connection with gentle touch and sound.  I am a 200 hours Yoga Alliance Power Yoga certified teacher though CorePower, and have been practicing vinyasa yoga for the past 6 years.    Through my yoga practice, I have found a balance between giving and receiving, between the left and the right side of my brain, between my Type A personality and my creativity, and it is that desire for balance on and off my mat that moves me to share yoga with others, hoping to imbue their practice with strength and bliss.

Janelle Hethcoat

Holographic Sound and Crystal Healer, light worker, and founder of Jupiter Soundscape.

Janelle is holographic sound and crystal healer, light worker, and founder of Jupiter Soundscape.

Janelle’s has been musically trained since the age of 5 and vocally trained since the age of 9. Her professional career in music began in her 20’s as a touring vocalist in the indie hip hop circuit. After taking a step back to decide to use her ability to channel positive messaging through a different medium, Janelle asked for and received the key to her purpose as a healer and a lightworker.

In 2014 Janelle began her education in the Western Mystery Tradition: Qabalah, Alchemy, Tarot, Sacred Geometry, Practical and Ritual Magic, Crystal Healing, and Hermetic Philosophy with healer and founder of 22 teachings, Naha Armády at House of Intuition in Los Angeles.  

In 2017 Janelle received her call to be a sound healer.  She studied with Dr Paul Hubbert at the Institute of Holographic sound and inner balance in Austin Texas and received her certification as a holographic sound healer in August of 2017. 

Attune to archangel frequencies Janelle uses vocal toning, crystal sound bowls, healer crystals, holographic healing and grid technology to infuse the body with life force energy and clear physical and subtle body blockages multi dimensionally.

Celia Gellert

Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Karuna Ki Reiki Master, Heart & Womb Alchemy Coach

Celia is a highly intuitive Reiki Master healer and Master NLP practitioner. She guides each client with many tools such as Hawaiian ho’oponopono, hypnotherapy, EFT tapping, Karuna Ki Reiki healing light energy and many other modalities that include working in the subconscious mind. She works with your shadow and light side to restore balance into your heart and womb space. Her intention is to be the clearest channel on your journey of transformational healing. Empowering you on reconnecting with your authentic self, your womb space and reestablishing the creative power you have in your life; to create your heaven on earth, living your dreams out in this time space reality.

Throughout her journey of self healing she understands the process experiencing personal traumas, abuse and dis-empowerment. With her passion and strong sense of purpose to helping others, she is extremely skilled in holding space for you to see yourself on all ends of the spectrum, making you aware of being at cause verses effect for your life. Instead of pruning the unhealthy leaves off the tree, with a chance the same leaf might grow back, she goes to the root of the problem rebuilding a solid foundation. With a solid, secure and nourished foundation you can start to live out your best life!

Celia’s passion for empowering women is experienced immediately upon interacting with her along with her unwavering bright light. She guides us to better understand ourselves, each other and the planet through compassionate healing, universal love and spreading the light. If you are interested in working with Celia please contact her directly at 508-380-2258 or

Lisa Lauritsen

Qi Gong Teacher / Healing Arts

Lisa L Bio PIc.jpg

I discovered Qi Gong in the beginning of 2015. It instantly made a difference in my life in every way. My passion is health and fitness but with Qi Gong, I realized I also needed to take care of my mental health as well as my external health. Like many of us, I lead a very busy life as a wife, a mother of two teenage boys and as a Weight Watcher’s Leader and Coach. Qi Gong helped me learn to relax and to relieve tension and stress from everyday life. It has also given me more clarity and strength to do what I want with my life. I started my Qi Gong training that same year with Lee Holden of Holden Qi
Gong in Santa Cruz at the Santa Cruz Chi Center. This Qi Gong training transformed me into a more relaxed, calm and simple person. I learned how to use and work with my own life force energy and that we have access to that energy at any time. The transformation that I continue to see my students experience and go through is magical. Through Qi Gong, I want to continue to spread that magic and empower others with this
beautiful practice.

Alana Weinberg

Reiki Master Teacher, Yoga Instructor, & Yoga Therapist


Alana has been a Reiki Master Teacher, Yoga Instructor, and Yoga Therapist for over 11 years.  She works as a healer on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.  She also has taught and certified many people to become Reiki Practitioners.  Alana Weinberg wrote, co-produced, and starred in two Reiki DVDs that were sold worldwide and are well known for the Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation she created.  

She also co-authored a book with Louise Hay called Modern Day Miracles that features Alana's personal story and journey of healing and recovery.  Alana was bed-ridden for two and a half years in her early twenties for severe Crohn's Disease and used Reiki, Yoga, and Meditation to help get her back on her feet.  She is an amazing Yoga Therapist because she knows every variation to every pose from doing them firsthand.

Alana has traveled the world to study Yoga working with the top professionals in the field including India where she also studied Ayurveda.  She also has been able to travel for Yoga professionally including Costa Rica where she was filmed in 3 different Yoga DVDs.  Alana is also an expert in trauma recovery and how to reprogram the neuorpathways in your brain using mindfulness techniques and affirmations. She has also personally studied with Deepak Chopra and, like him, she incorporates Science with the mind/body experience.

"I am extremely empathetic and compassionate to all struggles in life because I have been there and I can show you a better way."

Carla Burns

Yin Yoga Teacher


In reflecting on my yoga journey, I remember as a young girl in the 80’s attending yoga classes with my beloved Mom (who I’m sure people saw as a yogurt and crunchy granola tree hugging hippy which I so admired!). I loved those yoga classes and to this day I can recall the instructor playing Christopher Cross’ song “Sailing” as the final tune, which still “takes me away.” Fast forward to young adulthood when I started my career in the corporate world over 31 years ago. While living in several rural communities (where yoga was virtually unheard of) and raising my own children, my yoga practice was sporadic at best. I moved from the Midwest to CA in 2009 where I rediscovered yoga in several formats. Over time, I developed a longing to deepen my spiritual and physical practice, and to find some balance between my stressful corporate job and my personal life. In 2015, with an interest in furthering my own practice, I found myself drawn to the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre 200 hour teacher training. This was a month long spiritual yoga immersion program that required living a vegetarian yogic lifestyle at an ashram that promoted physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth and well-being.  Sivananda is an authentic lineage of classical yoga. It was a transformative and deeply personal experience. Nevertheless, with maintaining my full time career I never anticipated that I would have the opportunity or calling to teach. As luck (or fate) would have it, one day while attending my regular class the teacher had an emergency and I was asked to step-in. From that time on, my teaching journey and further personal growth has continued to unfold. In 2016 I received Reiki attunement from Reiki Master Lauren Adamczyk. I now enjoy sprinkling in a bit of healing touch and aromatherapy in my classes. I am grateful for the opportunity to hold space for others on their journey to find balance in life, and in return I have found that I am more balanced by giving.

Jan M. Scott

Hatha Yoga Teacher

jan scott bio large.PNG

Hatha Yoga Teacher + Spiritual Bathing Practitioner + Trance Dance Facilitator Member Yoga Alliance + International Association of Yoga Therapists + Member Arvigo Institute

 “Be a light unto yourself.” – Buddha

“It’s a down dog eat down dog world out there.” – Sage Student

 Hatha Yoga cultivates the awareness of the mind/body relationship uniting opposites to develop strength, flexibility and balance so one can unfold harmony and radiate peace. My classes are a fusion of pranayama, asana flow sequences, the Sutras, mudras and core work with a good bit of laughter and a whole lot of gratitude. Oh, and probably a poem or 2.

By opening the heart to a sacred state of awareness and grace, we can move towards alignment with our true selves and our interconnectedness with all living things.

Having studied and practiced with exceptional legacy teachers, after 19 years, I am still a student aspiring to live off the mat. Because as they say, yoga is always in the attempt.

Be there Sundays at 8.30AM. All levels. It’s the best Sunday stretching in Belmont. Sit in stillness. Find the bridge between self and soul. Awaken the power of your breath. Choose heart over ego. Reach for Samadhi.

Jan is a Spiritual Bathing practitioner having studied for 2 + years with Rosita Arvigo in her home in the rainforests of Belize. This ancient Mayan healing ritual raises the vibrational power of full moon waters with prayers, healing flowers and plants, gems and sacred incense to cleanse and remove emotional maladies of the spirit and soul that keep you from whole-hearted living.

Rachele D'Amato

Yoga Teacher, Holisitic Practioner & Certified Reiki Healer

32191791_10215113080235760_5984686895731310592_n (2).jpg

Rachele D’Amato at a young age was introduced to the metaphysical world where she discovered her ability to tap into energy on all spectrums. Playful with it, she kept this practice close, knowing it may not be understood by some and decided to
turn her studies to the holistic, scientific, biological approach.
She has accomplished 500 hours RYT as a yoga practitioner, and mediation guide. As well as Certified in the practice of holistic medicine, homeopathy and emotional balancing, Bach flower essence therapy. Living a holistic and spiritual life, Rachele dedicated herself to understanding the foundations and science of the human physiology and energetic composition. She
decided to combine her skills and start something new. She began with animals and moved to helping those in Hospice situations with their anxiety and fears or to assist with transitioning to their new journey. Certified through Kerri Draper at Huntington Beach Reiki she is a practicing intuitive reiki healer with specifics in Oncology, trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, infertility, emotional release, chakra balancing and so much more. A session with Rachele combines a complete connection and exchange of energy,
tapping into particular parts of the body that hold onto past experiences or trauma. “There is a lifetime of stuff that resides within us that we don’t know what to do with. It stores away somewhere and in time turns into something more than it ever
should have been.” Rachele will cut all the cords holding that energy, push it through while balancing your chakras, rejuvenating your life force. “Reiki energy knows what it needs to do. It goes where it needs to go.” Rachele incorporates a little cranial sacral, reflexology, aromatherapy and shamanic sacred energy ritual into all of her sessions. You will leave feeling
relaxed, radiant and full of safe love. “When asked what my soul purpose is, I always reply, “to share LOVE”. Little did I know I would be living my dharma, “sharing love through healing energy”.

Akary Busto

Breathwork Facilitator


Uhkärē — Breathwork Facilitator

Being a truth seeker I graduated from Long Beach State with a degree in History focused on Mexican, Russian and French history and a minor in Women Studies. The idea was to pursue a career in teaching and working with children, but the universe had a completely different plan for me.

Instead, I pursued a career in a Professional Sales Industry which pushed me into the Financial Industry. The challenge of learning how businesses are run on the back end brought out the teacher in me once more and the entrepreneurial spirit as well. Helping people navigate their business finance needs and educating them brought a lot of satisfaction to my life so I continued to work with businesses on a larger scale who were importing and exporting their goods and finally after 6 years of that, I jumped into offshore personal banking and investment.

The joy I felt while helping and guiding others succeed and flourish has always been my biggest drive and when life threw me a huge curve ball I finally stopped. The busyness of life kept me distracted but I learned to sit still and listen. And invested in myself. 

After 5 years of intense learning, I am a Level 2 Usui Method Reiki practitioner, I finished a 4 month intensive on Quantum Homeopathy which taught me how to use applied kinesiology and create remedies for many types of ailments. I took 2 Oracle Card Reading courses that continued to develop my intuition and then cycled into doing a Level 1 Essential Oil Certification with Wisdom of the Earth to learn about the magic of the plants. I am a Level 2 Crystaline Energetic Practitioner balancing chakras and working with the ethereal body using crystal energy. I have a Life, Shaman and Energetic Coaching Certification through Artist of the Spirit and I am a Certified Breathwork Facilitator through David Elliot’s method. 

Currently, I am working with the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute to become a Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner which works to support my current Breathwork practice that has become my main focus. 

I am a student of life and love to learn about all of the different medicines out there in the world just waiting to be discovered.

Erin Ryan Walker

Evolutionary Collective Core Teacher

erin walker 2.JPG

Evolutionary Collective Core Member and Teacher

Certified Mutual Awakening Practice Course Teacher. Co-Director and Teacher in the Evolutionary Collective Global Virtual Practice Community.

It is great to meet you! I am blessed you are taking the time to get to know me a bit.  I am a proud wife and a mother of four, six if you include my dog and my cat!   I am a 3rd Generation Long Beach, California native. Living here allows me to be a part of such a diverse community and daily shows me the importance of coming together.

It was through my past experiences that have allowed me to be curious and want to learn how we can come together and harness the fruits of the spirit in all of us, and I am passionate about helping people to live in harmony with one another.

Currently, we have 7.7 billion people on the planet, and in 2050 we will have 10 billion, and we are more separate than ever.  We are at a critical time on the planet, and there is an opportunity available to us now. It is not available through more information, it is only through a genuine connection.

The Evolutionary Collective is composed of unique individuals from all walks of life committed to creating, practicing, and supporting a unity of consciousness and a holding space where people are in and for each other, rather than present only for individual growth.  At almost 100 strong and growing, we are committed to bringing a different future to our separated world.

Almost two years ago, by a series of events that I would call divine synchronicity,  I was introduced to the founder of the Evolutionary Collective, Patricia Albere.  Within a 2 hour workshop, I found home, a place that was shown to me when I was much younger and had always believed in.  I am on fire to bring this natural way of connecting with one another to the surface.  It is my joy and privilege to teach the Mutual Awakening Practice, and it is my passion and vision to share this consciousness and new way of being to every human being on the planet!